20 affordable and very useful beauty products for every day

20 affordable and very useful beauty products for every day

In order to look cheerful and fresh every day, without bags under the eyes and with a healthy skin color, we recommend using these cosmetics. They will make your hair silky and long, your skin – healthy and flawless, will give your nails a well-groomed look, and you – a charge of daily energy.

1. Burdock and castor oil – for hair growth

2. Apricot oil – for body massage and nail nutrition

3. Bitter pepper tincture – hair growth masks

4. Mumiyo – against stretch marks (dissolve a tablet in a body cream or in water and lubricate the stretch marks)

5. Lavender essential oil – adding a few drops to the conditioner – hair does not get dirty longer

6. Sea salt – nail and body baths

8. Wheat germ oil – dry skin nutrition

9. Jojoba oil – around the eyes and from small wrinkles

10. Salicylic-zinc paste – drying of pimples, eels

11. Vitamins E, A in capsules – for nourishing dry lips, for eyelids

12. Blefarogel 1 (hyaluronic acid) – from bags under the eyes

13. Apple cider vinegar from stars and cellulite on the legs: rub the legs from the knee up to the thigh in the evening after a shower every day. For 2 weeks, the “stars” should brighten considerably, no irritation is observed, only the smell.

14. Tea tree oil – from pimples

15. Boric alcohol – from pimples

16. Blue clay – masks for body and face

17. Homeopathic calendula ointment – to soften the skin on the heels

18. Bodyaga – from bruises

19. Cosmetic walnut oil – against wrinkles and bruises under the eyes

20. Glycerin – to soften the skin of hands: 1 part glycerol and 1 part 6% vinegar – a mask for coarse skin of the feet


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