5 effective products for thick and beautiful eyebrows

5 effective products for thick and beautiful eyebrows

Fashion eyebrows already sat down in the minds of women. It was fashionable to “wear strings”, then the reins of government adopted thick, thick eyebrows almost half the forehead. And just start to follow all the trends and fashion trends, like, bang, and again new items. But one thing remains a problem always, in order to give the eyebrows the desired shape, it is necessary that they were initially thick and beautiful! And how to do it, read on!

Now thick eyebrows are still popular, so you should make maximum efforts to make them so. But the design – it is at will and if possible. Someone skillfully frames the edge of the house, but someone can not do without visiting the salon. No, you, of course, can try the new trend of 2019 – the lack of eyebrows, but this image is not very impressive, it is more used by models to create spectacular photos, and it does not provide for complete hair removal, they are simply discolored. Some ladies now use permanent makeup, but I still think that their “live” eyebrows look more attractive, and most importantly, naturally!

The shape and thickness of the eyebrows vary with age. Therefore, you should pay special attention to them if you want to make them thick and beautiful.

Vvot how you can make brow thick at home!
This product perfectly moisturizes the skin, relieves from all sorts of rashes, and also accelerates the growth of eyebrows in a very short period. To use the petroleum jelly to get the desired effect, you need 3 times a day, a course of 1-2 months, depending on the desired result.

Cactor oil
Castor has long been used to accelerate the growth of eyelashes. And this product really copes with this task. To take full advantage of castor oil, you first need to wash your face with warm water, gently dry it, and then apply the product with a cotton pad on your eyebrows. After half an hour, you need to wash again, and cool water. It is necessary to do the procedure daily for one month.

Fenugreek’s seeds
It will take 1 tbsp. seeds and 1 tbsp. l water. The components must be mixed until a smooth paste is obtained. Apply the resulting product on the edge, and leave to act on all night! In the morning, you will need to gently soak the mixture with plenty of water, then apply on the eyebrows a face cream in a small amount.

A very frequent component in the means of home cosmetology. Lemon is used to get rid of acne, acne, age spots on the face, as well as for the growth of eyebrows. He probably would have done well with the growth of cilia, but it is quite dangerous, because lemon juice can burn the eye mucosa! You need to cut a small piece of citrus and wipe your eyebrows for five minutes, then wash off the rest with water. The procedure should be performed in the evening in order not to fall under the rays of the sun, and not to harm your skin.

Another integral ingredient of various masks and tonics for skin care. Aloe effectively fights skin problems, including preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It is necessary to press a little gel from the leaf of the plant, and apply it on the eyebrows. Leave to act for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the edge under cool water.

These tools really work! With the help of any of them you can accelerate the growth of your eyebrows, and make them thick and beautiful. Agree, graceful and beautifully designed edges make your face more expressive and attractive! To avoid undesirable consequences, it is recommended to consult with a specialist before using these tools.

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