57 ways to lose weight

57 ways to lose weight

1. Walk to work
2. Use skim milk instead of whole milk.
3. Perform squats in front of the TV.

4. Go for a walk at lunchtime
5. Drink water before eating.
6. Eat lean red meat and poultry
7. Eat only half of the dessert.
8. If possible, walk on foot instead of driving
9. After dinner, arrange evening walks with the whole family.
10. Avoid portions larger than your fist.

11. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet.
12. Get a dog and walk around.
13. Join a sports group.
14. Eat from small plates.
15. Get off at the stop earlier and go to the place on foot.
16. Do not eat late at night
17. Refuse additives
18. Give up the buffet
19. Steam, grill or roast together.
20. Ride a bike instead of a car.

21. Consult your doctor about multivitamins.
22. Go for a half hour walk instead of watching TV.
23. Use vegetable oils instead of butter and margarine.
24. More carrots, less pies
25. Wash the car yourself
26. Do not skip meals.
27. Eat more celery rootlets.
28. Choose the type of physical activity that suits you.
29. Team up with friends for training.
30. Do exercises with videos in bad weather.

31. Stick to a regular power scheme.
32. If after work you do not have the strength to train, do it before work
33. Play with children 30 min. in a day
34. Dance to the music
35. Keep a pair of comfortable sneakers in the car and in the office.
36. Make the Saturday Morning Walk a Habit
37. Stretch before bedtime and you will have more energy in the morning.
38. Diversify your classes, look for new types
39. For dessert, eat fruit
40. Drink alcohol sparingly or refuse altogether.

41. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
42. Cook grilled fruits or vegetables.
43. Eat before you go to the store.
44. Make a list of products before going to the store.
45. Buy natural juices instead of sweet and carbonated drinks.
46. ​​Swim with children
47. When cooking, use herbs, spices, and other seasonings that are free of fat.
48. Remove poultry skin before cooking – this reduces its fat content.
49. Do not drive yourself to extreme hunger – snack
50. Do not skip breakfast

51. Snack on vegetables and fruits.
52. Go to wild rice and whole grain pasta
53. When dining out, choose small or medium portions.
54. Instead of chips, order a green salad
55. Bake the fish
56. Eat sugary foods in small amounts.
57. Drink plenty of water


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