8 secrets of using eyeliner.

8 secrets of using eyeliner.

Eyeliner or eyeliner are simply indispensable for creating an attractive and seductive look. Thanks to the contour, the eyes become deep and expressive, the eyelashes thicker, and the makeup more spectacular. But here, as in any business, the main thing is not to overdo it.

1. In order to avoid inaccurate lines, you must first circle the eyes with a pencil or liner, and after that apply shadows and mascara.

2. The contour is always necessary to conduct in bright light and in front of a mirror. You need to see all your movements.

3. To start, slightly tilt your head back. Use your fingertips to slightly tighten the skin of the upper eyelid to make the eye a little slanting. In this case, the other eye should monitor your actions.

4. Begin to draw the contour from the inside of the eyelid. Carefully draw a line to the outside of the eye along the line of cilia growth. It is better to paint at the dressing table: then you can lean on it with your elbow, your hand will not tremble, and the line will not be interrupted.

5. Try to keep the line as close as possible to the lash line. Then the contour breaks will not be visible.

6. If you draw the outline with a liquid liner, be careful. Make sure that the line is dry, and then open your eyes, so as not to smear the entire result of your actions.

7. Draw the entire outline, draw a few more lines from the outside of the eye. From the inside the contour should remain thin, barely noticeable.

8. Drawing a contour on the lower eyelid helps to make the look even more expressive, but this makeup is not for everyone. Do not use liquid eyeliner for the lower eyelid. And to make-up look more natural, lightly wax the eyeliner from the outer edge.

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