Recipe first.
To make this homemade anti-wrinkle banana remedy, you must carefully knead the flesh of one medium ripe banana in a deep clean plate. Then you need to add one large (tablespoon) spoon of liquid honey and two tablespoons of rich homemade cream to the slurry (for fat-type skin, it is recommended to add half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the mixture). Now thoroughly mix the entire mixture until smooth and apply it on clean, steamed face skin. After about fifteen to twenty-five minutes, wash the residue with warm running water and wipe your face with ice made from medicinal chamomile or high-quality green tea.
The second recipe.
To prepare the next banana-based anti-wrinkle remedy, knead the pulp of half a ripe banana fruit with a uniform consistency, then mix the prepared mass with one egg yolk and one teaspoon of high-quality olive or peanut butter (instead of one of these products you can use any vegetable oil). Thoroughly mixed until smooth paste mixture should be spread evenly over the entire surface of the skin of the face and leave for twenty – twenty – five minutes. The rest of the mask at the end of the procedure is easy to clean, using warm water and a piece of cotton wool.
The third recipe.
You need to mix one large spoonful of fresh mashed banana pulp with one teaspoon of lemon juice and one raw chicken protein. Now you need to whip the entire mixture in a mixer until a homogeneous paste, then apply to the skin with a thin layer and leave for fifteen minutes. Upon completion of the specified time, wash your face several times with cool water and then wipe the skin with cotton wool of medicinal chamomile soaked in the infusion (one teaspoon of raw materials per one liter of hot, purified or melted water).
The fourth recipe.
To prepare the following homemade anti-wrinkle remedy from a banana, you must crush half of the pulp of this fruit in a puree and mix it with a medium orange slice, chopped into gruel. Apply the mixture evenly on the surface of the face and neck. After about twenty-five minutes, rinse off the remainder of the mixture with warm running water. Use this mask at least once a week! At the end of the procedure, wipe the skin with fresh juice from young aloe shoots (carefully cut off the young stalks of the plant, wrap them in plastic wrap and place them on the lower shelf of the refrigerator for one week).


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