Eyebrow shape – the “golden rules” of professionals

Eyebrow shape – the “golden rules” of professionals

The natural shape of eyebrows, given by nature, is best suited to your type of face, not counting the hairs in the nose.

• The appearance of the eyebrow should not be lower than the inside, otherwise you will have a sad look.

• Eyebrows accreted on the bridge of the nose, very round, or with heavily lowered ends aging face.

• Slightly shortened or widely spaced eyebrows will make you younger.

• Thick, very broad eyebrows go only to young women with a very lush hairstyle. Even wide eyebrows make men think that they face a passionate woman.

• If you have a round face, your eyebrows will NOT fit.

• If you have an oval face, in any case do not make eyebrows “tainted”.

• Eyebrows – strings look unnatural and add five years to your age.

• After eyebrow correction, compresses of chamomile and oak bark are necessary.

1. Starting point. If you draw an improvised line (using our wand) up from the wing of the nose, through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, then the point where the wand indicates will be the starting point.

2. The outer edge of the eyebrow. To determine the point of the end of the eyebrow, we place the wand so that its lower tip touches the wing of the nose, and the top, passing through the outer corner of the eye, points to the eyebrow.

3. Bending. To determine the highest point of the eyebrow, where it should bend, but in a natural and beautiful way, apply a wand to the wing of the nose and draw an improvised line up through the iris directly to the eyebrow.

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