Face cleaning. Checked !!!

Face cleaning. Checked !!!
1. We wash the face in the usual way, we pin the hair so that the face is open.

2. Prepare the mixture №1. Take a tablespoon of shaving foam, add half a teaspoon of soda. Thoroughly interfere.

3. Boil water in a saucepan, throw a handful of dry chamomile flowers.
Put the pot on the table, cover with a towel and steam face. Enough minutes 5-7.

4. Apply the mixture to the steamed wet face, avoiding the eye and lip areas.

We go into the bathroom, open the tap with hot water. Under the stream of water put a soft toothbrush. Need exactly soft.
Although there is a special brush for the face, but you can get by with the toothbrush.

Then, gently and dynamically clean the face. Particular attention is paid to the nose, nose wings and forehead.
Wash off with water.

5. We look in the mirror. No black dots. They simply do not. The pores are all clean. The face is very smooth.

6. Prepare the mixture number 2. We interfere with the clay that suits your skin type, + Miramistin (or chlorhexidine, there is no difference, only cheaper).
The mixture should be like porridge. Apply on a clean, wet face, avoiding the eyes and lips.
Leave on face 15-20 minutes, regardless of the mixture drying.

7. Wash off the mixture, soak the face with a towel, apply cream. Everything.

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