fashionable diet to lose weight

Admit it, at least once in your life have you experienced a fashionable diet to lose weight for a vacation?
Since the beginning of spring, advertising and social networks remind that it is time to get in shape for the beach season. Everywhere start weight loss marathons and are full of posts with PP-recipes and exercise complexes. While everyone is discussing fitness and superfoods, involuntarily you begin to think that it will not hurt you to lose a few kilograms.
Of course, there is a category of people whom it motivates to start a healthy lifestyle. But there are those whom the seasonal boom makes them hate their bodies and look for flaws where they are not. And people from the third, most dangerous category begin to exhaust themselves with diets and workouts. If the result does not appear immediately, they feel guilty and only accelerate the pace.
The pursuit of a perfect body turns into severe stress and may end up in a hospital bed. Eating disorder, orthorexia, or the so-called “Sharon Stone Syndrome” – only a small part of the diseases that those whose desire to lose weight develops into an obsession are at risk.
You need to lose weight with caution and pay attention to the signs that signal danger:

1. The obsession with proper nutrition or cutting the diet to a minimum. A person constantly thinks about healthy food, begins to be afraid of food and feels guilty if he deviates a little from the diet. Council Review your approach to the menu: sometimes you can afford something not very useful. If in doubt what to include in the diet – contact your nutritionist.

2. Dependence on sport. It starts when a 60-minute workout ceases to be satisfying, and the person tends to spend as much time as possible in the gym. Council If you are a beginner, exercise no more than 4 hours a week and alternate them with days of rest.

3. Reduced social activity. Communication with family and friends fades into the background, and all free time goes to achieve the cherished goal. Council Do not avoid talking with relatives – so they will be aware of your weight loss and will be able at the right time to support or to sound the alarm.

4. Drastic mood swings, anxiety. At the beginning of the journey, “emotional swings” are a common occurrence, but over time, the tension must pass, not increase. Council Try different relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises. If this does not work, consult a doctor and treat the problem with a drug. Anti-anxiety medications (for example, Grandaxine) will help get rid of stress and obsessions.

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