For the sake of good vision do not take 10 minutes a day.

For the sake of good vision do not take 10 minutes a day.

Charging for the eyes works wonders if you do it regularly. Of the 10 exercises proposed, you can choose five, but the whole complex should be devoted to about 10 minutes each day.

? Blink often for two minutes – this normalizes intraocular blood circulation.

? Mow your eyes to the right, and then translate your gaze in a straight line. Do the same in the opposite direction.

? Feel the darkness. It is believed that immersion in the dark contributes to the production of rhodopsin in photosensitive cells – a substance necessary for clear vision.

? Make circular rotations of the head: right-left, up and down. It activates blood circulation.

? Exercise is like an exercise bike. Move your gaze in different directions: right-left, up and down, in a circle, figure eight.

? Zoom on for 3-5 seconds, then open your eyes. Repeat 7 times. Exercise relaxes the eye muscles and activates blood circulation.

? Press the upper eyelids with your fingers, but effortlessly, hold in this position for about two seconds. Follow the series – 4-5 times. Exercise improves the outflow of intraocular fluid.

? Stand near the window, focus on the object located in close proximity (a dot on the glass), and then turn your eyes to a distant object (a house or a tree). Repeat 10 times.

? Close your eyes and slowly move the eyeballs up and down. Repeat 5-10 times.

? With open eyes, draw simple geometric figures in the air, and then complex objects and large-scale compositions


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