hair can be removed forever.

It turns out that unwanted hair can be removed forever.

Very simple, at home. You will need: a little perseverance and adherence to the recipe.

Method number 1.
1 onion, 1 clove of garlic and ichthyol ointment (sold in pharmacies).
Bulbs smoked over a fire to a coal state (until it turns black). Ichthyol ointment is mixed with crushed garlic 1: 1 and applied with a thin layer to the place where hair removal is required. Apply smoked onion over this layer of garlic ointment. Sit still 30 min.

Do the procedure every day for 10-15 days. After this period, you will see that unwanted hairs have disappeared. GONE FOREVER!

Method number 2.
One of the most popular and effective means to remove hair forever.
Crush the walnut shells into powder, mix with water until a slurry forms and rub skin 3-4 times a day. Repeat until the complete disappearance of unwanted hair.

Method number 3.
Throw cedar nutshells into flour. Add some hot water and rub the mass into the problem areas of the skin for several days. Hair should disappear forever.
Similar results can also be achieved if you prepare a concentrated decoction of husks from pine nuts and regularly lubricate your skin.


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