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1. Flesh color – universal color;
2. yellow – well masks dark circles under the eyes;
3. Green – well hides bursting red capillaries, red acne;
4. violet – suitable for masking pigment spots and freckles;
5. Pink – revives gray face skin.
Eat impose proofreaders?
Best of all with a flat synthetic fiber brush. The corrector can be applied with a finger – especially in bedtime, ostriches are stolen ,,,
Under each problem we select our corrector. There is no one corrector for all occasions!
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– Tous les jours Do not put it on the problem area, so it is il y a un mois Apply on the border of the tumor and cheeks.
– Tous les événements
– turned and gray skin of the face – corrector will help to revive the face
– Scars, tattoos – in this case, you need to apply foundation or concealer with a thick consistency and strong pigment, even a small amount has a great masking power. If the scar is convex, cover it with a darker shade, and if concave – lighter than the base color of the makeup, thereby balancing visually.

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