How often do I need to change cosmetics☝ ? ?

How often do I need to change cosmetics☝ ? ?

? Many girls and women find it difficult to decide when to throw out a certain palette of shadows, and is it really dangerous if you use it further for a long time. That’s when you need to send a certain makeup product to the trash can.

Уш Mascara

If you use it daily, you must change the mascara every 3 months. However, if you use this makeup only from time to time and mainly for more important events, holidays, meetings, you can use it for six months. Black mascara is ideal to emphasize the neckline of the eyes, but also a home for many types of bacteria, and if it is not changed within a specified period, a staphylococcal infection may appear. With a longer period of use, the product dries out and should not give the effect.

? Lipstick & Shine

Lipsticks and lip gloss spoil the eyes, because when they are spoiled, you will hardly notice. You will find that you need a new lipstick when the old one begins to roll on the lips, and the lip gloss right in the tube starts to dry out and gets an unpleasant smell. The shelf life of a lipstick can last almost 2 years, while the gloss shines a little faster. But try to use them, until such time as they deteriorate.

“Corrector, base for make-up, foundation”

It is time to buy a new corrector, when the old one starts to dry out and it becomes more difficult to apply it. Otherwise, if you do not change the remedy, some of the components that make up the composition can cause skin infection. If you notice a change in the texture of the background, for example, the oil begins to “separate” from the pigment, do not use the tool anymore. As a rule, these products with a shelf life of 6 months to a year.

Макияж makeup brushes?

The brushes with which you apply powder, blush, and shadow should be washed every week, even if you do not use them daily. Bacteria stick to them very easily. It is good to wash them not only with water, but also with ordinary soap, which you use for bathing or washing your hands. If you use them very rarely, you can wash them once a month, but experts recommend washing them as often as possible. One set of brushes can be used for 3-4 years, with weekly care of brushes, of course.


Usually there are a lot of flowers, some of them are spent faster, others are almost untouched, so everyone feels sorry to throw them away. But when you see that the colors of the shadows become a little pigmented, you should replace them. Their shelf life is up to one and a half years.

? Eyeliner ?

Small bottles of liquid eyeliner, in general, can be used until they run out. But if you rarely fail your eyes, and do not know when the time has come when you can already throw away the liquid eyeliner. Pay attention to how you, it turns out, draw a line, is it getting thicker? Whether itchy eyelids appear when applying it. The shelf life of this product lasts a maximum of one year, the continued use of the spoiled product causes eye irritation.

? Eye pencil

One of the products you can use until it ends. It can last 2-3 years, so you probably don’t have to throw out or change your pencils as often as other makeup products.

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