How to achieve a flat stomach with a single thread

How to achieve a flat stomach with a single thread

Physiotherapists have found a new way to help you keep your belly flat and fit. It turns out that a simple string, tied around the waist, can help a person to find a flat stomach without any tedious exercise in the gym. According to experts, she recalls the need to constantly reduce the abdominal muscles.

The thread tied around the waist is an easy alternative to the endless twisting and eating low-calorie salads. Leading British physiotherapist Sammy Margo says that this thread constantly reminds people of the need to strain the abdominal muscles.

“Take a small piece of thread, tie it around the abdominal muscles along the waist,” says Samy. – Fix it on the half of the exhalation, so that when you exhale the thread felt well. Her pressure will constantly remind you of the need to contract muscles. You will do this all day long when walking, sitting, standing, working, and at home. Try not to remove the thread as long as you can stand it. It will provide a flat stomach and help improve posture. ”

Such seemingly simple loads will be carried out by you almost around the clock, which is many times more effective than the exercise three times a week.

This simple technique helps people achieve the desired results with less psychological and physical costs.


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