How to apply the cream on the face

How to apply the cream on the face

Not everyone knows how to apply a cream and a face mask. Cosmetologists have the “Golden Rule”: any facial treatment (mask, face cream) should be applied strictly along the massage lines. Otherwise, stretching and reduction of skin tone is possible. Unfortunately, our skin does not get younger over the years, but quite the opposite.

Rules for applying the cream:

1. Cream applied to cleansed skin.

2. Daily remedy should be applied to the face at least 30 minutes before leaving the house.

3. Night remedy (if you use it) 2 hours before bedtime.

4. Your skin should be given the opportunity to work independently; for this, do not use a nourishing cream once a week. It is better to do this on a day off, when the skin is not exposed to aggressive environmental influences.

5. Use suitable for your skin means. It is better if the cream is advised by a beautician, but this should not be in the form of imposing any particular brand that can be purchased from him. A conscientious cosmetologist will take into account all the nuances of your skin, as a rule, will offer several options.

6. For a one-time application, a pea-sized tool is sufficient.

7. In no case do not use the tool if the shelf life of the cream has expired. If your product contains vegetable components, allergic reactions are possible after the expiration date, and if the cream is an achievement of the petrochemical industry, very dangerous compounds are formed.

Applying cream:

The cream should be applied with light patting movements along the massage lines, ending with a light fixation at the end of the lines. You do not need to overdo it with physical strength during the application of the cream, as this can not only injure the skin, but also stretch it, which will cause the formation of new wrinkles.

First you need to figure out where the facial massage lines are located on our face.

In the frontal area, apply the cream with finger pads. Movement should be directed from the center of the frontal zone and in both directions to the temples.

Then apply the cream in the area around the eyes. Under the eyes of the movement do from the temple to the nose, and under the eyebrows (above the eyes) – from the nose to the temples.

Gentle touches apply the cream in the zone from the chin, along the jaw line and to the ear.

From the tips of the nose in both directions, smooth the cream to the middle of the ear. The cream is also applied on the corner of the lips.

Do not forget the neck, the cream is applied to the left and right from the bottom up. When distributing cosmetics, rise up to the chin. Do not affect the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

The cream is applied on the chin with light but energetic hand claps.

The first stage of working with the skin of the face is preparatory. It just means relax your hands. This will allow you to get a pleasant feeling (tenderness and softness) from the procedure. Love your face, care for it anxiously and carefully. Applying the cream should look like stroking the skin, rather than rubbing.

Why cream is better to apply on the massage lines? If you do not want to damage the collagen, then you need to do so. This is due to the fact that the lymph nodes and collagen fibers are along those very massage lines. By the way, high-quality face care is the right application of the cream in a certain period of time. The skin has its own biorhythms and, according to them, it perceives cosmetic care better.


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