This recipe in healthy lifestyles in 2002.

This recipe was published in healthy lifestyles in 2002. Unfortunately, not well forgotten, but specially erased from memory and discredited by pharmaceutical companies in the pursuit of profit, but salt dressings can work wonders – real miracles! . English salt (magnesia) also works in compresses, sometimes with mastopathy, bruises. More salt baths, washing the nose, wiping the face with saline from wrinkles, washing the sinuses … This is all checked and works!
This story was found in an old newspaper. We are talking about the amazing healing properties of salt, which was used during the Second World War to treat wounded soldiers.
During World War II, I worked as a senior operating sister in field hospitals with the surgeon I.I. Shcheglov. Unlike other doctors, he successfully used hypertonic sodium chloride solution in treating the wounded.
On the vast surface of the contaminated wound, he applied a large napkin, loosely, richly moistened with saline solution. After 3-4 days the wound became clear, pink, the temperature, if it was high, fell almost to normal levels, after which a plaster cast was applied. After another 3-4 days the wounded were sent to the rear. The hypertonic solution worked perfectly – we had almost no mortality.
About 10 years after the war, I used the Shcheglov method to treat my own teeth, as well as caries, complicated by granuloma. Good luck came in two weeks. After that, I began to study the effect of saline on diseases such as cholecystitis, nephritis, chronic appendicitis, rheumatic heart disease, inflammation of the lungs, articular rheumatism, osteomyelitis, abscesses after injection, and so on.
In principle, these were individual cases, but each time I received pretty quickly positive results. Later, I worked at the clinic and could tell you about a number of rather difficult cases when a saline dressing turned out to be more effective than all other medications. We managed to cure hematomas, bursitis, chronic appendicitis. The fact is that the saline solution has absorbing properties and draws out fluid from the tissue with pathogenic flora. Once during a business trip to the area I stayed at the apartment. The children of the mistress had whooping cough. They continuously and painfully cough. I put salt dressings on their backs for the night. After an hour and a half, the cough stopped and did not appear until the morning. After four dressings, the disease disappeared without a trace.
In the clinic, which was discussed, the surgeon suggested that I try saline in the treatment of tumors. The first such patient was a woman with a cancer mole on her face. She paid attention to this mole six months ago. During this time, the birthmark turned red, increased in volume, a gray-brown liquid was extracted from it. I began to make her salt stickers. After the first sticker, the tumor turned pale and diminished.
After the second, she became even more pale and shrunk. Allocation stopped. And after the fourth sticker, the mole acquired its original appearance. With the fifth sticker, the treatment ended without surgery.
Then there was a young girl with breast adenoma. She had an operation. I advised the patient before surgery to do a saline breast bandage for several weeks. Imagine the operation is not required.
Six months later, she also had an adenoma on the second breast. And again, she was cured with hypertensive dressings without surgery. I met her nine years after treatment. She felt well and did not even remember her illness.
Could continue to continue the history of miraculous cures with the help of dressings with hypertonic solution. Could tell about the teacher of one of the Kursk institutes, who after nine salt pads got rid of prostate adenoma.
A woman who suffered from leukemia, after putting on salt dressings for the night – a blouse and pants for three weeks, regained her health.
The practice of applying salt dressings.
Salt in an aqueous solution of not more than 10 percent – the active sorbent. She pulls out all the impurities from the diseased organ. But the therapeutic effect will be only if the bandage is breathable, that is, hygroscopic, which is determined by the quality of the material used for dressing.
2. Salt dressing acts locally – only on the diseased organ or part of the body. As the fluid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer, tissue fluid from the deeper layers rises into it, entraining all the disease-causing principles: microbes, viruses, and organic substances.
Thus, during the action of the bandage in the tissues of the patient’s body, the fluid is updated, cleared of the pathogenic factor and, as a rule, the elimination of the pathological process.
3. Dressing with hypertonic sodium chloride solution acts gradually. The therapeutic result is achieved within 7-10 days, and sometimes more.
4. The use of a salt solution requires some caution. Let’s say i wouldn’t advice

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