Makeup for those who wear glasses. Top 5 Tips

Makeup for those who wear glasses. Top 5 Tips

1. How to combine color of a frame with clothes.
We recommend not to focus on the combination of frames and clothes, but simply to add a bright accent that matches the color of the frame. For example, lipstick. The main thing is to keep the overall color: to combine warm shades with warm, cold with cold.

2. What to focus on make-up.
Under the glasses we recommend two options: either to beat the eyes, or not to apply makeup at all, costing lipstick.

3. What to choose eye shadow
Try makeup with light matte shadows and clear lines. If you want to make eye makeup more vivid, you can use pencils for inner eyeliner eyelids.

4. How to visually enlarge the eyes.
If the lenses visually make the eyes smaller, it is better to do makeup without clear lines, with shading. We advise you to make intense smoky eyes to the classic black rim, it will also help to emphasize and enlarge the eyes.

5. How not to visually enlarge the eyes.
With hyperopia, eyeglass lenses make the eyes a little more. To make your eyes look perfect both in glasses and without glasses, avoid very bright and dark shades of shadows on moving eyelids. Also, do not play with contrasting colors of shadows. Eyeliner eyelids should be thin and clear. Or slightly blurred. In eye makeup, you can focus on the eyelashes and apply mascara in several layers. The main thing to avoid “overload”: the eyelashes should look long and fluffy, but at the same time natural.

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