Mustard mask for hair growth

Mustard mask for hair growth


? 2 tablespoons dry mustard powder (sold in the spice section)
? 2 tablespoons of hot water
? 1 egg yolk (to make it easier to flush)
? 2 tablespoons of olive (peach, burdock and any other cosmetic oil)
? 2 teaspoons of sugar (the more sugar, the “meaner” mustard)

Apply on the partings, trying to get on the scalp, without affecting the tips, especially dry ones (you can lubricate the dry ends of the hair with any heated cosmetic oil for a better mask effect). Wrap your head with cellophane film or a bag, put a warm hat on top, a scarf or tie a terry towel. Oh, who is used to it!

You need to wait from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much it is hot. If it is tolerable, then it is better to walk like this for 1 hour, dreaming of a long luxurious braid. And if absolutely “fire” on the head, then only 15-20 minutes.

ATTENTION! You need to sit for 15 minutes for the first time, even if it seems that an atomic war has occurred on your head. For 15 minutes, no harm to the scalp and hair will not be (tested by many), and getting used to it, you will sit for half an hour and an hour.

The mask should be done once a week, maximum 2 times with very oily hair (the mask removes a little excess sebum).

After washing the mask with lukewarm water, then wash the hair with shampoo. It is possible for the best effect to apply any balsam or a ready mask-activator of hair growth.

If you really want to quickly grow long hair, then make a mask at least 1 month. Besides the fact that the mask with mustard really accelerates hair growth, strengthens them, gives more volume and density, it also solves the problem of oily hair, as the hair is less dirty. The tips of dry or colored hair must be oiled or finished with a purchase mask.

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