Mustard wrapping – down with cellulite

Mustard wrapping – down with cellulite

1. The easiest recipe

The amount of mustard that will be needed for wrapping is just two tablespoons. Mustard must be mixed with a small amount of hot water.
Hot water should be because in it the mustard powder will dissolve quickly and without forming lumps. The resulting slurry is applied to problem areas of the skin, wrap with a cling film in two layers on top. Duration – no more than 15 minutes, a longer procedure can lead to burns. After wrapping you need to take a warm shower without using soap and apply a cream on the skin (it is better to use a moisturizer).

2. Wrap with honey and mustard

This recipe is as simple as the previous one, with the only difference being that two tablespoons of liquid natural honey should be added to the mixture of mustard powder and water. Mix well, apply on skin, wrap with cling film and leave for 30 minutes.
For greater efficiency, you can wrap yourself in a warm sheet or towel over the film. After half an hour you need to take a warm shower and moisturize the skin well.

3. Mustard plus olive oil

Two or three tablespoons of dry mustard powder should be diluted with a small amount of hot water. Water should be used as little as possible, as it does not mix well with oil. Add one-two tablespoons of olive oil to the slurry obtained from powder and water, mix well. The consistency of the mixture should resemble sour cream. Apply to the skin for half an hour, then rinse with warm water and apply cream or milk to the skin.

Use the above recipes can be also as anti-cellulite masks. They differ from the wrapping procedure only in that after applying the mixture to the skin, neither the film nor the foil should be used. It is enough to hold such masks on the skin for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Mustard-based products are generally well tolerated. When applied to the skin, they cause burning, sometimes quite severe, but do not cause burns. These remedies are contraindicated in women who suffer from individual intolerance to mustard. Also, these funds are not recommended for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and pulmonary tuberculosis. If there is damage to the skin – abrasions, wounds or scratches, it is better to temporarily refrain from using mustard.

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