1. To combat wrinkles, lubricate your face with honey.
2. It is useful to apply castor oil around the eyes before bedtime.
3. In case of hair loss, rub a burdock extract into the scalp.
4. Lubricate your arms and elbows with the remnants of a squeezed lemon.
5. When hand skin is rough, rub starch into rough places.
6. As a powder, you can use a small amount of starch.
7. To dry oily hair every day or every other day, rub black tea brewing into the scalp.
8. It is useful to make body peeling from coffee grounds, the required amount of which can be collected in a few days.
9. Freshly squeezed sea buckthorn juice is recommended as a mask for dry skin (1-1.5 tablespoons).
10. Hair will turn mahogany in color when adding 3-4 spoons of cocoa to henna packaging.
11. When balding every day, rub jojoba oil into the scalp.
12. An infusion of elder flowers whitens, softens and tones up dry skin.
13. To moisturize dry and sensitive skin, apply Jojoba oil mixed with a small amount of water to the face overnight.
14. When the nails turn dark regularly, half an hour before meals, drink one tablespoon of cucumber pickle.
15. To improve the complexion make masks from a mixture of honey and salt, which have a rejuvenating effect.
16. Lavender and tea tree essential oils are natural antiseptics that help fight acne.
17. In the morning and in the evening, wipe your face with tea brewed in mineral water with a piece of sugar. Suitable for any skin.
18. Regular drinking of mint tea gives the skin a fresh and pinkish hue.
19. It is useful to lubricate the eyebrows and eyelashes with castor oil or a mixture of castor oil with rum.
20. For deep cleansing of the skin, use beaten egg yolk and lemon juice. Apply on face in layers.
21. To soften hands, rub a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and vegetable oil into them.
22. At bedtime, lubricate face and hands with a mixture of equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice.
23. To cleanse the skin, use a mixture of dry oatmeal with water and plain yogurt.
24. For acne, a mask of grated apple and a small amount of honey helps.
25. During pregnancy, lubricate the belly with cocoa butter to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.
26. Fresh Kalanchoe juice diluted with water (1: 3) and make lotions with allergies.
27. Iranian folk remedy for strengthening hair – a mask of colorless henna, diluted with warm kefir.
28. To strengthen the hair rubbed boiled buckwheat.
29. For fine hair make a mask of whipped one yolk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
30. When hair falls out an hour before washing, rub a mixture of equal amounts of castor oil and rum into the scalp.
31. To strengthen the hair after each wash in the scalp rubbed nettle extract (1 tbsp. Spoon of dry nettle per 200 g of boiling water.)
32. To make the hair strong and silky, they are washed with a decoction of calamus roots, burdock and nettle leaves (all in equal quantities).
33. Facial massage with silver spoons: the spoons are immersed in herbal decoctions of different temperatures and patted on the face along special lines. The effect is incredible


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