Rejuvenating Japanese mask from the real Japanese: the secret of eternal youth.

Rejuvenating Japanese mask from the real Japanese: the secret of eternal youth.
It is known that Japanese women from ancient times carefully monitored their appearance and skin condition. They pass on their unique recipes of beauty from generation to generation. Today, I decided to share with you a recipe for a unique anti-aging mask, the secret of which was discovered by a real Japanese woman.

The secret of eternal youth: a mask for rejuvenation “Minus 10 years”
The recipe for this mask is a family one; it has been passed through the female line for more than a dozen years. And it is worth saying, he is worth it. Japanese beauties, thanks to the use of this tool, look much younger than their biological age.

Regular use of a Japanese mask for rejuvenation will allow you to:

even out skin color and make it velvety;
remove mimic wrinkles;
reduce pussy wrinkles;
return skin tone and elasticity.
All components of the mask are natural, do not cause allergic reactions, suitable for all skin types. Surprisingly, such a universal mask can be used even at a young age, starting at 25 years old.

Cooking rejuvenating Japanese mask at home
To prepare a mask for rejuvenation, you will need only five components that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy:
kelp – has a rejuvenating, lifting effect;
chamomile flowers – relieve inflammation, fight acne and redness;
white clay – tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles;
rosehip oil – acts as a natural antioxidant, fights free radicals, cleanses the skin, removes toxins.
Cooking technique: 1 tsp. dry kelp, 1 tsp white clay, 0.5 tsp rice flour, 0.5 tsp. crushed chamomile flowers, 15 drops of rosehip oil mix well and add pure water to make a thick gruel.

Masochka impose on the skin in a circular motion, wait 15 minutes and wash off. The tool is recommended to use 1 time per week.

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