Save hair

Save hair from falling out

Today I will tell you about the wonderful mask from hair loss, which has already been tested by more than one generation in our family.

After giving birth, my hair began to fall out terribly.

She cried a bit, calmed down and began to think what to do.

I rushed to the pharmacy – Vishy.alerany, etc. – money down the drain.

I began to wool the Internet in search of a means of saving, and was about to order one, but then my mother’s call, I spread my problem in a panic, and she:

“Why don’t you panic! Try your aunt’s mask, remember how her hair fell and she only escaped with it. Try her and then you will see. And drink motherwort.”

On that and decided.

Made a mask. After the first application, the hair began to fall off less, after the second application even less. For the third time the comb was clean and in the bathroom too! And then the hair began to grow like a madman who was walking, a month later a brush of new hair appeared, hair got stronger and got shine.

So, the mask recipe:

main ingredients:

1) 1 tablespoon onion juice (grate the turnip and squeeze)

2) 1 tablespoon honey

3) 1 yolk

4) 1 -2 Art. spoons of burdock oil. (The amount of oil can be increased if it seems small, but as a rule, this is enough)

It turns out quite a liquid mass.

Apply to the hair roots (I apply a brush for hair coloring), distribute the rest on the hair. You can additionally brush the ends with oil for nourishment. Dress up the shower cap, wrap with a towel and walk for 1 hour. Then wash off with shampoo.

At first, I did it twice a week for 2 weeks. Then to strengthen the result and hair growth, 1 time per week. The course lasted 2 months.

I wish you all beauty, health and lush hair!


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