Sea recipe for skin rejuvenation

Sea recipe for skin rejuvenation

In two or three weeks you will be two or three years younger.
And after another two or three weeks – for four or six years!

Very simple and affordable recipe:
? We buy in a pharmacy dried seaweed – kelp.

? Pour into a cup 2-3 tsp, pour 4-5 tsp boiling water, stir until smooth, cover with a saucer and leave to steam for 5-10 minutes.

? The main thing is not to pour a lot of water, otherwise it will be hard to apply on the face – the mixture will drain.

? Add a few drops of lemon juice (for oily skin), or a few drops of any unrefined vegetable oil or oil solution of vitamin A or E (for dry skin).

? Stir and apply with fingers on face for 20-25 minutes.

? Wash off with warm water and go to bed.
The skin shines, tightens, comes to life, if you do the mask 3-4 times a week

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