These little makeup secrets that make-up artists know about can drastically change your beauty routine.

These little makeup secrets that make-up artists know about can drastically change your beauty routine. And the main thing – to do it very, very quickly.

1. Apply blush … forever!
If you need to quickly refresh your face using the minimum amount of funds, this secret is for you! When there is only mascara and blush on hand, this is essentially all you need! When putting pink or peach blush on apples of cheeks, do not forget to touch the eyelids and areas under the eyebrows with a brush – this will instantly make the eyes open and rested. No shadows you need!

2. Always soften the pencil with a lighter.
This fast life hack from professional makeup artists will come in handy no matter what black pencil you use. Let the lighter stay in your cosmetic bag forever! Before you make up your eyes, hold the stylus for a few seconds under the open flame – after that the pencil will become even softer and you will be able to beautifully and carefully shade it in a haze. Profit!

3. Sponge + butter
If you have dry skin, then applying a foundation can be a problem. To forget about it, do not use brushes, but buy a sponge, for example, Beautyblender. Before use, do not soak it with water, but get wet in a special oil for the face. However, coconut will come down for this purpose. “Oily” sponge will help you perfectly apply the tone even on dry and flaky skin.

4. Put concealer on the wings of the nose and nose
When you mask bruises under your eyes with a corrector, do not forget about the other two problem areas – where the nose wings end, and the bridge of nose closer to the corners of the eyes. The skin in these places is often different in color, and a little life will allow you to seamlessly make your makeup a little better. By the way, all professional makeup artists do it.

5. Hairspray instead of eyebrow wax
To look perfect and combed eyebrows, it is not necessary to buy a special gel or wax. Just get a brush, which you will comb hairs. Sprinkle it with hairspray and quickly rub it over the eyebrows until the product is dry.

6. Get two tones
This life hacking was once shared on her blog by the famous Lisa Eldridge, creative director of make-up for the Lancome brand. And it seems to us ingenious! The bottom line is to use two tonal means for the perfect makeup, always the same shade. You need to have a dense tone, which is applied only to problem areas – for example, around the mouth (the skin in this area often requires correction) or in the area of ​​redness. And the second tonal basis, a light fluid or serum, is for the rest of the face, where no serious correction is required. This secret will allow your skin to look as natural as possible!

7. Quickly make a matte moisturizing lipstick
Matte lipsticks are in fashion, but, alas, even the best of them dry lips … There is a solution that is much simpler and more pleasant. Use your usual moisturizing lipstick, applying blush on top of it! Fluffy brush. Powder is not suitable for this purpose, it will only “eat” the color, but the rouge will look perfect – try it.

8. Use the usual “donut” for hair to clean your brushes!
Brilliant secret. If you do a multi-colored make-up or shade different shades of shadows, it is not necessary to change brushes every time. For quick cleaning of your brush from dry products, an ordinary … donut for hair will come in handy! Yes, yes, the one with which we make bundles. It costs only 50 rubles, and works with a bang. Just drag on it with a brush – even after using dark shadows you can apply light ones with the same tool. Wow

9. Sunscreen instead of primer
Let us reveal the secret: it is not at all necessary to buy a primer (it’s also a makeup base) if you have sunscreen for your face. After the holidays, probably stayed! It always contains titanium dioxide (do not worry, it is a harmless mineral), which gives the skin a light, barely noticeable and healthy glow. It is possible that after this you don’t even want to apply a tone, and you will be limited only to powder.

10. Beige pencil – the base for everything.
The base under the shade or the means for fixing lipstick – no need to buy anything extra, just “get” one pale-beige pencil in your cosmetic bag. Soft. Better that for lips. You can safely paint them all the mobile eyelid before applying shadows – the fat base of the pencil will not allow them to crumble. Use the same pencil as a lip primer – lipstick will not spread.

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