This diet allows you to lose 8-12 pounds in two weeks. The only condition that you need to perform is to drink two glasses of water before eating and not to drink for two hours after it.
Its essence is extremely simple. Before each meal you should drink 2 glasses of pure water. Exactly 2, no less. And after 15-20 minutes you can safely begin the meal. Further, the following rule applies – in the process of eating and for 2 hours after it you are strictly forbidden to drink any liquid. When two hours have passed, you can safely drink a mug of your favorite tea or coffee, but without snacking like cakes and buns.
What should be the daily menu:
Breakfast: drink 2 glasses of water. We have breakfast in order that it pleases our soul, and at the same time we do not drink food, and do not drink for 2 hours after.
Lunch: drink 2 glasses of water and have lunch without restrictions on the lunch menu there. At the same time we do not drink food, and after lunch, we do not drink for 2 hours.
Dinner: Drink 1 glass of water. If you want, drink 2 and dine without gastronomic restrictions. Do not drink food or drink for 2 hours after.
4. POTATO JUICE – the natural way to lose weight and become younger.
This penny composition will save you from skin problems and extra pounds. A surprisingly versatile thing is potato juice. And regardless of whether it is made from new potatoes or from old, it does not lose its magical properties.
Treatment with potato juice for more than one century has been practiced not only in folk medicine, but also in traditional medicine: it is used both to treat and prevent diseases of the housing and utilities sector (gastrointestinal tract), strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, in cosmetology and even for weight loss.
But, like any remedy, the potato drink has contraindications, that is, under certain circumstances it can cause harm to the body. Let us find out what exactly is useful for fresh potato, what are the contraindications to use and how to properly prepare and drink it.
Freshly contained fluid contains a whole store of important substances: essential plant proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins A, C, E, PP, H, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, almost all amino acids, including essential, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, copper, manganese, zinc, bromine, silicon, cobalt and others. It is in it and the necessary potassium for man, which, as you know, is not synthesized by the body itself.
Cooking Healthy Potato Juice
For cooking, you need raw potatoes and a juicer. To begin with, select the right tubers. Take potatoes with “eyes” or fresh sprouts, it is he who has live enzymes. Tubers must be hard, without black or green spots (such areas are toxic). The fresher a vegetable is, the higher its nutrient content. As for the potato variety, it is considered that red potatoes have less pesticides and more nutrients.
Juice should be squeezed out of the fruit with the peel, because the peel contains most of the nutrients. If there is no juicer, then the potatoes should be grated and squeeze the juice from the resulting pulp. At the bottom of the glass with juice, you will see a white mass – this is starch. It does not have much nutritional value for us, so you should not use it.
Lose weight on potato juice.
Raw potato juice stimulates the digestive system, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is also an alkaline product that helps restore the pH balance in the body. The benefits of potato juice are those who suffer from a stomach ulcer and liver disease. They use this drink to cleanse the liver and prevent constipation.
A slimming effect of potato juice was noticed by many nutritionists. They use its properties to intensify digestion and replenish the supply of “friendly” bacteria in the colon.
Slimming menu:
– Drink 100-150 g of juice every morning on waking, and at least 30 minutes before breakfast.
– Always drink only fresh juice, do not harvest it in advance.
– To improve the taste quality, you can add a little carrot juice or lemon juice. But do not add sugar or salt!
– Drink 100-150 g of juice 30 minutes before lunch.
Repeat potato detox daily for 2 weeks. If you like the results, you can repeat this diet, but only after a week break.
Potato juice for clean and young skin
– Start your day with washing with potato juice. This simple ritual will reduce skin imperfections and heal wounds. It is most effective to apply chilled potato juice to the affected areas in order to obtain a clear and beautiful skin.
– Potato juice treats sunburn. Apply it on body skin or on face. To act quickly, you can not contact the juicer, and alleviate the condition of the skin with slices of raw potatoes.
– Potato juice will get rid of the first wrinkles, just wipe your face with potato juice.

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