Useful tips for perfect skin

Useful tips for perfect skin

Smooth, velvety skin with narrow pores and a gentle flush is a general insanity, suppressing even panic due to wrinkles. To become the owner of this treasure, in fact, is not as difficult as it seems.


Wash your face with cold mineral water, but only with gas. Bursting bubbles stimulate blood circulation. Squeeze some lemon juice into water to narrow pores.

Kefir, black bread crumb, lemon juice have long been used to narrow pores. They are united by one thing – an acidic environment. In it there is an adequate detachment of horny cells and skin alignment. But it is worth looking into the refrigerator only if there is no good exfoliating agent at hand.

Does facial scrub look too rough? Mix it with makeup remover milk.

Cosmetic clay based masks (white, green, etc.) cleanse and tighten pores well. But if the skin is dry, do not keep them on the face until completely dry. Or applied locally.

Drip a little “Visin” (or other drops) on a cotton pad, put it in the freezer. And after five minutes, apply to the inflamed area. After three minutes, the skin will calm down and brighten. The aspirin tablet moistened with water will also work in the same way. It helps even with herpes (“cold”) on the lips.

Egg white, whipped into a steep foam, has been and remains a magnificent “porosuzhatel”. Grease them with problem areas or the whole face. Let it dry (at this moment the skin “forks”), wash it off with cool water, moisturize with cream.


If a few drops of tightening serum are added to the foundation, it will acquire lifting properties. If matting, the remedy will narrow the pores. A moisturizing emulsion will make the tone lighter and more transparent.

Do not apply shining products to areas where the pores are enlarged – this accentuates them. Use in these zones narrowing primers, matte tone and powder.

But the peach-pink blush, on the contrary, distracts attention from imperfections and gives the face freshness. Shade them not only on the “cheekbones” apples, but also in the area under the eyebrows and on the chin (of course, quite a bit).

Do not apply the corrector directly to the skin. First dab it on the back of the hand, and only then dispense the product with your fingers. But only clean, and not those who typed the product

Always apply concealer on the wings of the nose. There are most of all black dots, dilated vessels and other imperfections. In addition, by highlighting this zone, you will erase from your face for about five years. After all, the shadows near the nose add age.


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