You spoil your skin if you make these 5 mistakes when removing makeup

You spoil your skin if you make these 5 mistakes when removing makeup

If you wear make-up every day, then you know: sometimes, there is nothing more pleasant to remove all layers of the tonal base, mascara and other means from bed before going to bed. By the way, this must always be done – even when you fall down. If you do not clean your face from makeup before going to bed, you risk running into serious skin problems.

However, there is another risk – to make mistakes when removing makeup. And it is no less harmful to the skin, as well as not at all cleansing the face of cosmetics. Do you think it is much easier to remove makeup: took a cotton pad, applied makeup remover to it – and ready? In fact, everything is not as simple as it seems.

Here are 5 mistakes that you make while removing makeup and that you didn’t even realize.

BBy not enough long keep cotton pads on the eyes

Apply the cleanser on a cotton pad and immediately wipe your eyes with quick movements. This is wrong, because in this case your carcass and the shadows do not have enough time to dissolve and soak into the disk. So the next time you put the discs on your eyes and hold them for about 10-30 seconds, to give the makeup remover soak into the mascara and take it out. After wiping your eyes with neat movements, removing the remnants of makeup.

BBY use only makeup wipes
Make-up wipes can prepare the face for further cleansing, but are definitely not capable of doing all the work. So, if you only use wipes or discs with micellar water and do not wash your face after that, you make a mistake. That’s right: start removing makeup with a napkin, and then be sure to rinse your face with water using a cleanser. So your skin will look much more beautiful and, most importantly, be healthy.

BBY too much rub the eyes

This can not be done for one simple reason: the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and requires delicate movements, and rubbing it up to redness, you risk not only creating discomfort, but also earning early wrinkles. So once again look at the first item on our list, where it is said that you keep the cotton disc in front of your eyes longer and remove makeup with gentle movements.

BBY avoid oils

Do not like the greasy effect of the oils on the face and think that they are contraindicated for oily skin? You are greatly mistaken. Oil is not only possible, but must be used, no matter what type of skin you have. They work great as a moisturizer and as a means for removing makeup. One of the most popular and versatile oils is coconut. It in two accounts cleanses your eyes and skin from cosmetics and at the same time will give your face radiance and velvety.

BBY do not evaporate face
The mistake is that you remove makeup, wash your face, and this is where your beauty ritual ends. Remember about the multistage approach in cleansing the face about which we wrote above? So to all other actions to remove makeup from the face, add one more: in conclusion, gently wipe the face with a hot towel (clean), after leaving it for a while on the face. The steam will open the pores and help to remove all the pollution from them.


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